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Quality Entertainment and Hilarious Comedy Coming To Athens Ga.

Athens, Ga will soon be entertained in a big way by Comedian Dannette Flint.

 If you have been looking to lighten your sorrows or just to get out of a mental rut, then get ready to enjoy a lighter and more humorous side of life.  You are invited to join many of us who will be in attendance at the Classic Center on Friday October 19th at 7:00PM. for a night of comedy that you want soon forget.

I had the privilege of doing an interview with Comedian, Dannette Flint recently and she was a breath of joy and laughter. She was warm, approachable, open and inviting. Also she remained true to form telling jokes throughout our conversation.

Overall just listening to Dannette I sensed a purity and goodness in her that touched my heart.

She attributes her success as a comedian to her walk with God and his guidance.

Comedian Dannette Flint is originally from and still lives in Commerce, Ga with her husband who she speaks of in high regard.  During our interview she spoke of his loving support.Her saying /motto is: “Let it go.” Which is symbolized by a picture of open hands/turned up palms, on her facebook page.

This is my Interview with Dannette Flint:

 CCW – 1.  How long have you been a comedian? 

Dannette: I have been on stage 15 years doing family comedy, writing plays, etc.

CCW – 2. What types of comedy categories do you fall under? 

Dannette: Stand Up Comedian – A clean family oriented comic.

A Lot of my material is like humor you might hear at a family reunion. I  maybe laughing and telling a joke like for example:  “my husband doesn’t know how to do laundry….

90% of the stuff I do is with my daddy sitting in the audience. I would not offend my daddy or my husband.

3. What made you want to make people laugh and how did you know you could do it long term?

Dannette: I have known since I was a little girl, I use to watch Bob Hope and Jerry Lewis entertaining the troops and said (even at that young age) I would love to do that.

4. What do you want to give people by way of your comedy? And what do you want them to walk away with after experiencing one of your performances?

Dannette: I remember seeing kids in the audience that would hear the adults laughing and looking around at their parents or grandparents and they began to laugh.

“I want to show people that they can have fun without being vulgar.  I want them to know that God wants us to enjoy the life He’s given us.  God gave His Son for us – He’s given up a lot for us to enjoy life.  We can have fun and laugh. It’s our free will.”

Dannette said she had a vision from God and she acted upon that and she said ok God if this is what you want….and doors started opening”

Dannette agreed with me that comedy and laughter is universal.

Dannette thank you for allowing Classic City Weekly to share with our readers about your life work as a Comedian, we wish you much success and we will see you on October 19th.



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